DAILY GEMINI Horoscope June 10, 2021


Jun 10, 2021 – You’re terrific at following through with projects, Gemini, but perhaps not so great at starting them. Today is the perfect time for you to prove this theory wrong. There’s a great deal of force out there to help you boost your rocket off the launching pad. Take advantage of this energy and get to work on things you’ve been meaning to start but haven’t gotten around to yet.

Jun 10, 2021 – The current planetary alignment gives you the ability to share your feelings, plus the necessary detachment to be able to do so without going bright red or making a fool of yourself. The person on the receiving end will probably be so touched that they may well be the one to lose control. Having said what you needed to, you can now relax and let events take their course.

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Jun 10, 2021 – Someone you work with is extra critical of your work today, but don’t see this as a negative thing. Understand that this person is only trying to help you. His or her comments are actually fostering your success so be sure to embrace this critique.

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Jun 7, 2021 – Jun 13, 2021 – This week is about someone among your relationships likely leading you astray now or distracting you enough from your working and money goals that it’s hard to get back on track. You can’t help it that you’re irresistible, but you can use the energy from the Universe midweek. Your attention needs to be on clearing up old debts.

Jun 10, 2021 – You are the born traveler – the individual who follows adventure and seeks to be illuminated. You can figure out the most picturesque way to get from A to B, and you don’t mind any adventure that crosses your path. You need to have a regular activity in your life in order to feel well, and your adventurous spirit suggests that it might be a risky one that fascinates you the most. Keep yourself fit at all times in order to enjoy the freedom of action you so desire.

Jun 10, 2021 – The solar eclipse in Gemini occurs today. This aligns with the series of eclipses dating back to the spring of 2020 and including the lunar eclipse on May 26 and the solar eclipse that will occur on December 3 this year. As with any eclipse, our emotionality and sentimentality are heightened, allowing us to make decisions that can lead us to our greater vision and purpose in the future.

Because this eclipse is in Gemini, you can lead with your intellect rather than your emotions. Instead of leaning into what you feel, you can take thoughtful action toward building a new dream.

However, this luminary occurs during Mercury retrograde, which means that our plans may take more time to come to fruition. The lesson here is to be patient and not focus on how long it takes for our dreams to become real.

In addition, past drama and situations could resurface now. The skeletons in the closet may come back to shake us up one more time before they’re put to rest. Dealing with past emotional upsets is key because the more we talk about things that are painful, the less of a hold they have on us. Letting others in can be easier than before, and it’s essential to the healing process. Talk about your problems and listen to what your heart wants today.

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