Don’t doubt yourself today, you should be feeling quite strong – DAILY SAGITTARIUS Horoscope Apr 3, 2021


Apr 3, 2021 – Don’t doubt yourself today, Sagittarius. You should be feeling quite strong, although inadequacy could sneak into the picture. This could be because you’re having trouble understanding issues that are rather cloudy. Just because things aren’t clear doesn’t mean they aren’t working out in your favor. As long as you remain confident that things will come out fine, they will.

Hopefully your partner (current or prospective) knows just how ardent and enthusiastic you can be, because with the celestial atmosphere of today they are about to find out. Whatever apparent event or insight triggers your passionate mood, you will certainly want to share it with the one closest to you. But before you knock them flat with the depth of your feeling, perhaps it may be a good idea to warn them first.

Even though this may be your day of rest from work, mentally, it may not feel like a day of rest at all. Your head is spinning with ideas. See a movie with someone. Escape from reality for a while. You are in no mood to concentrate or think clearly.

You know what you want, financially speaking, and are putting together a foolproof plan to help you achieve these goals. Aspects are facilitating new achievements in this area of your life, and you’re feeling more confident than ever. But merely having a large personality may not be the best way to get others on your side. Strike a balance between making your case and listening to what co-workers have to say.

We want to bring out the best in ourselves, but we are often afraid of the monsters that guard the inner sanctum. In your case, these monsters are anxiety, worry, nervous exhaustion, fear, restlessness and hyperactivity. Flower essences help calm these menacing obstacles. You could respond well to Morning Glory, Lavender, Blackberry, White Chestnut and Mimulus. Look for essences at your local health food store. Put any combination (2-4 drops total) in your bath or on your pillow before bed.

We see a shift in the energy today as the moon moves from daring Sagittarius into practical Capricorn this morning and Mercury glides into Aries later. The vibe is grounded, but you’ll also feel in the mood to bring structure to your home and lifestyle. If you’ve been putting off chores or home improvement tasks, today is the day to take care of them. The energy here can sometimes make us a little tightly wound, so remember to stretch and focus on your breathing if you feel your tension level rise.

On a personal level, now would be the time to set boundaries with people who don’t always stay in their lane. If you need time for yourself—or you want others to mind their own business—let them know.

While the day should go by with a fair amount of predictability, the evening promises to be more exciting. The moon forms a supportive trine to wild-card Uranus, possibly shaking things up a bit. You might receive a surprise gift, find the perfect wallet, or come into some money you weren’t anticipating. To help facilitate this cycle of unexpected treasures, try to do something nice for someone you care about as well.

Just be sure to check in with your energy level and self-care routines, because a harsh aspect between the moon and the north node could spell trouble if you’re not on top of your own wellness. 

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