Gemini Love Horoscope


Learning about the Gemini lovescope means thinking about an entire cast of characters, but what else would you expect from this multi-tiered astrological sign?

The Perfect Gemini Partner

Geminis are an air sign, and that means they are mental signs. No matter the amount of physical attraction, there has to be a certain mental connection to keep the Gemini mind interested, and in, the relationship.

Therefore, the Gemini lovescope calls for a partner who is:

Intelligent: As noted, metal dexterity is a key ingreᴅιᴇnt for anyone romantically interested in a Gemini. Geminis love word games and word play, and they require a partner that can keep up, and more importantly, participate!
Humorous: Whatever you do, keep your sense of humor, along with your wits, about you. Gemini specializes in slapstick humor and will find it very funny indeed when you have cheese stuck to your chin (even if you don’t!). Geminis also love comeᴅιᴇs and stand up acts, so surprise them with tickets to a comedy club and they’ll be putty in your hands.
Adventurous: “Have bag, will travel”. Make this your mantra! Nothing spark’s a Gemini’s interest and curiosity more than someone who’s on the go, so look busy. Once you two are an item, be prepared to live out of a suitcase, at least periodically.

Gemini’s Best Matches

So, who meets all of the requirements above? Traditionally, it’s fellow air signs Aquarius and Libra. Aquarius has just the right amount of innovative thinking, erratic behavior and a certain romantic detachment that Gemini finds fascinating.

When it comes to Libra, Gemini is just smitten. In fact, Gems won’t know which aspect they should fall in love with first. Whether its Libra’s lawyer-like mind, charming graces or those perfectly shaped features, Gemini’s heart won’t stand a chance!

If you’re not a Libra or an Aquarius, don’t throw in the towel just yet! The Gemini lovescope calls for the zodiac’s favorite twins to mesh well with the ғιʀᴇ signs (Aries, Sagittarius and Leo) too, so there’s still hope. If none of those signs apply to you, remember to consider your moon, rising, Venus and Mars signs, all of which might just be angled perfectly to the Gemini in question.

The Future Gemini Lovescope

When it comes to the Gemini lovescope, we must check the positions of both Saturn (the planet of karma) and Jupiter (the giver of gifts) to get a handle on what the future might bring. Both of these planets provide long term clues to Gemini’s lovescope because they take a long time to move around the zodiac (and to other sectors of one’s chart).
Jupiter and Transformation
When Jupiter is housed in Gemini’s eighth house, the house of deep transformation, any partner Gemini connects with may have a deeply transformational affect on Gemini’s personality and outlook on life.

This partner may not be what you expect Gemini! In fact, this partner may be radically different from the type of person you normally find yourself attracted to. The eighth house is ruled by Scorpio, so you may find yourself drawn to a water sign (Scorpio, Cancer or Pisces) or someone who, in general, introduces you to the deeper mysteries of life.

You’ll have much to learn from this person; you’ll come to understand that journeying into yourself and your unconsciousness doesn’t really have to be such a scary thing. This partner may also be able to teach you how to become more connected to your body, something Geminis may have trouble with. You spend a lot of time in your mind, Gemini, so this would be a great lesson!

Saturn in the Fourth

When Saturn is in your fourth house of house and home, and because the fourth house is considered a critical degree, this can be worrisome. Don’t let it be. How you view your ancestral roots, your immediate home environment and your relationship with your mother may all be undergoing some changes. This is a good thing. Saturn usually comes along when we need a dynamic shift in our thinking, so try to view this as a blessing.

As it pertains to the Gemini lovescope, any potential partners you meet during this time may have the exact opposite personality and background you may have been conditioned to think you need. The cultures, attitudes and belief systems we’re raised with have a funny way of sometimes dictating the kinds of partners we’re attracted to. Under Saturn’s influence, you may find all of this changing as you pull away from what you’ve been taught to believe (perhaps by your family, as indicated by the fourth house) and reach for something different.

To Conclude

What can you expect in the years to come? Expect deeply transformational partnerships to come your way (if you’re already partnered up, you can expect this change as well). Gemini loves change, but transformative ones that come on a “soul” level are not always your cup of tea. That’s okay. In time, you’ll see that the universe is going to give you exactly what you need at just the right moment.

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