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You Need a Meeting of the Minds

Many may think that communication does not sound like the most romantic thing in the world, but a failure to communicate can doom the closest relationship. A couple who is intellectually compatible will find much more enjoyment when they are together, and a meeting of the minds in certain matters can be a very sᴇxy thing. A failure to communicate can undermine the most promising romance.

It’s so easy to find out what sign your Mercury is in!

Many Styles of Communication
Isn’t it easier to talk to some people than others? This has a lot to do with the astrology sign the person’s Mercury falls in. People who have Mercury in Aries have a unique way of looking at the world, and are very original problem solvers.

They look at any dilemma, and think of a creative and novel solution that would be beyond most people’s dreams. They have very inventive ideas, and adore mentally sparring with others. You will find whether the Mercury in Aries person is your spouse, partner, or friend, they are probably intellectually competitive with you.

But they would not even be interested in you at all if your lively thought processes and witty conversation did not intrigue them in the first place.

Since Aries is a cardinal and competitive sign, they enjoy debate and arguing their point of view. But this is not a fight, so do not try to turn it into one.

They just like to be intellectually challenged, and when they mentally compete with those close to them, do not realize that this is what they are doing.

If you call them out on it, they will be surprised, and deny it. Mercury in Aries people think fast on their feet, useful in any emergency.

Since Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, they do not practice forethought; I doubt they ever heard the word! They must be careful not to be too impulsive with decision making, so it helps if other people around them are more cautious.

The Most Innovative Thinkers
Mercury in Aries people can be quite headstrong, and positive their way is the right way. It usually is, but never admit this to them, or you will never hear the end of it!

They have fragile egos too. Mercury in Aries ones are impatient with delays, and like to get on with whatever the current issue is. You also must consider the fact that it is possible they have made a fast decision just to get the issue out of the way. A long, frustrating decision making process makes them crazy.

But a person with Mercury in Aries is always the one in the group to initiate new ideas (and in the romance department too)! They will tend to the romantic details, and know how to charm you and wrap you around their little finger!

They think of cleverly romantic things to do that would never cross another’s mind. My husband had Mercury in Aries. I had a birthday about six weeks after I met him. I liked him, but like to go slow in romance. I received a dozen roses for my special day, enclosed with a note. It said, “I wanted to buy you a rosebush to plant, so we could watch it grow like our love.”

And speaking of love- after a few weeks, he already had decided he loved me! Although this seemed to be moving fast in my eyes, his instincts were right, we dated for five years and later were married for thirty four, until he passed on. All Mercury in Aries people are very impulsive and demonstrative with those they love.

However, it is usually up to others to follow through with the heavy details in other departments.These are “idea” people, and do not like the mundane particulars necessary to see that ideal come to fruition. Mercury in Aries people love talking with their friends and partners, and captivate you with their active minds.

Fiery and Impatient
Those minds are fiery and impatient though, so make sure you approach certain topics carefully if you know which ones will trigger off the famous Aries temper.

But if you cannot, they do not hold grudges and get over being mad really fast. Sometimes they can be contentious if they dislike someone, but are normally expressive, demonstrative in their speech, inventive, and interesting. Your Aries in Mercury friend or lover is outgoing and restless.

But if you can keep up with them mentally, you will enjoy their romantic expressions and they will captivate you with their knowledge.

For instance, a Mercury in Aries person is always quick to jump on a new idea, so let’s say they decide to buy a new home. They will call a realtor and want to meet ASAP.

Of course, they will not have put any thought into what kind of home meets their needs, how they will get the money, whether they want the house to be in the city or in the suburbs, or any of those dreary details. So they will look at dozens of houses, and drive the realtor crazy.

Finally at one point the realtor will have a sit down chat with the Mercury in Aries person, and will be told that they have to think about more of the details mentioned above, since the realtor cannot read the client’s mind. And that’s OK. The Mercury in Aries person is a quick study, and now learned how to get through the process. And there are no bad feelings towards the realtor, who is charmed, yet puzzled as to why.

Those people with Aries in Mercury have that special something that leaves you dazzled, yet confused.

Loves to Try New Things
Things will go a little smoother after our Mercury in Aries friend clarifies what kind of house they want more in their mind.

They want it to be outstanding in some way, because they like to show off a bit, and they want a home that has a lot of original and modern features, because they like new and novel things. Since they are usually social creatures, they will prefer to be closer to the city, with clubs, restaurants, and other stores and amenities nearby.

They would enjoy being in a townhome or condo association, with a common social area, as they like to be near people and are friendly. A kitchen area that is open enough so they can see their guests will be a must, since they will entertain often and want to impress their friends.

They want all the most up to date gadgets and cookware, even if they are not good cooks. Bold colors, interestingly patterned carpets, all the latest furnishings, a fireplace, and also an outdoor source of ғιʀᴇto enjoy is right up their alley! After all, Aries is a ғιʀᴇsign, and they all have a touch of pyromaniac in them!

They will adore choosing counter tops and deciding which will be accent walls, and surely will have some great ideas about which walls can be knocked out. They will find a terrific use for a “whatever” room, which was once a dilapidated mess.

The financial details and any painting or boring chores will be delegated to friends or contractors. But the Mercury in Aries person will be very enthused about this time in their life, and will adore discussing it with all their friends, family, and co-workers.

And wait until the “unveiling” of the new home, it will be one of the proudest moments in the Mercury in Aries person’s life.

Even though they will have a caterer or a friend cook for the great event, this night will be one our Mercury in Aries friend will always remember very fondly (though the Realtor may not)!


Mercury in Aries People Are Pyromaniacs!



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